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Angel Consultations With Sue Storm, The Angel Lady


Personal Consultations

A personal consultation is an enlightening and rewarding experience. If success, prosperity, happiness, and personal growth are your goals, then a session with Sue and the Angels is your next step. Sue offers advice on various subjects, including:  relationships, finances, careers, success, business, and finding your life’s path. After the consultation you will feel more at peace and have a new perspective on life. 

Career Consultations

Career consulting with Sue Storm is beneficial as you gain a new outlook and fresh ideas. You receive tips
on choosing the right career while gaining insight and momentum for conducting a job search. By using the Angel First Aid Techniques you will build your self-confidence and learn how to present a strong persona during an interview. Sue and the angels show you how to stand out in a field of applicants. A career consultation gives you an extra edge in the job market.

Business Consultations

A business consultation can cover many areas. Sue Storm offers advice on working with personnel in the organization. This includes providing guidance on hiring the best employees as well as dealing with partners. When considering bringing in investors, buying or selling a company or contemplating a merger, a consultation with Sue Storm is extremely beneficial. With her angelic guidance you can make the right decisions for your business, increase profits, and move forward with confidence.


To schedule a consultation: phone 800-323-1790 or e-mail (when sending e-mail, please include your phone number).

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