Sue Storm: media corner

Radio and TV
Sue Storm is a popular guest who has been interviewed on 4,000 radio and TV shows. Her specialty is answering questions about Guardian Angels. Sue Storm’s passion for helping your listeners shines through as she gives them the names of their three Guardian Angels, a personal affirmation, and advice on relative issues. Questions from hosts and callers regarding relationships, career, and money matters are answered with amazing accuracy. Sue Storm's advice on success and prosperity will open your eyes to a new way of thinking.

To book The Angel Lady for your show, call 800-323-1790 Sue Storm is available as a last minute guest (contact by phone).

Sample Questions

  • Why are Guardian Angels so popular?

  • Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?

  • How can we learn the names of our Angels?

  • Can someone who has died become an Angel?

  • Do pets or other animals have Guardian Angels?

  • How do Angels contribute to our everyday lives? 

Press Release

Meet Your Guardian Angels

 Sue Storm is a foremost authority on angelic communication.

Your audience will be inspired when they hear how Angel expert and author, Sue Storm, came away from a childhood near-death experience with the special ability to see, hear, and feel the presence of Angels. Provide your listeners with a connection to “The Angel Lady”. Sue Storm’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is smart, funny, and well informed.  Listeners will be fascinated when they discover how Sue Storm uses her unique angelic connection to help them prosper. They may be surprised to find out that the Angels beside them have names and a special message.

While answering their calls, Sue Storm imparts a feeling of hope, comfort, and security. She has the ability to validate what people already know to be true—that their "inner voice" is often Guardian Angels offering direction.

Experience what happens when hosts and listeners discover their Angels

WLS Radio: "Best response ever. The lines were lit up for two full hours."

Talk Radio: "Sue hits it right on the head. Her books are really inspirational."

WBZ Radio: "The lines were jammed. Sue is delightful and a lot of fun."

Use the Angel First Aid books to enhance the angelic connection

Angel First Aid, Remedies for Life, Love and Prosperity and Angel First Aid, Rx for Success are hands-on manuals that serve as a resource for angelic guidance and support. Both books have a “Glossary of Angels” to help readers select the Angel most effective for resolving a situation. The message to the world from these books: "You are never alone and there is always hope."

Sue Storm is available as a last minute guest. 800-323-1790 (contact by phone)