SUE STORM: Speaking engagements


 Success in Action

Sue Storm's speech highlights new tools for entrepreneurs and executives to increase profits and grow the business. She demonstrates specific Angel First Aid Techniques for setting and accomplishing goals. Participants will learn unique ways to raise the bottom line and take the company to the top. This presentation is a must for anyone in the business world.

Angel Talk

This is an interactive speech where Sue Storm focuses primarily on expanding one’s individual relationship with the angels. She will show participants how to incorporate angels into their everyday routines. There are substantial benefits of working with the angels on a daily basis and Sue will highlight them. At this more informal presentation there will be a special time devoted to providing personal angel messages and to practice Angel First Aid Techniques for communicating with the guardian angels.

Book Signings

Sue Storm will do book signings at libraries and book stores. Everyone will discover how to communicate with their Angels and have an opportunity to try out Angel First Aid Techniques from the books. The Angel Lady is gifted in covering a wide variety of topics, including relationships, health, prosperity, and financial security. Participants will leave with the names of their personal guardian angels and the tools to engage with them on a regular basis.