Sue Storm: Consultation Testimonials

An amazing thing happened to me one day. I met an extraordinary woman who made a dramatic difference in my life. Unfortunately, I was having a particularly bad day.  This was happening way too often, and I had no idea why my life was so much more difficult than I thought it should be.

A business acquaintance gave me the name of a woman that she claimed did some pretty innovative things for people. The moment I walked in the door and saw her, I felt a significant change in my being. From that point on, this remarkable woman began to teach me that I had choices in this world. I was only a victim of life if I chose to be one.

The beauty of Sue Storm's input is its unique simplicity. I did not have to be a rocket scientist, I did not have to study anything and I did not have to practice for hours on end for it to work. It was the easiest thing I've ever done. The guidance Sue gave me worked immediately and brilliantly. Now my life is on the right track. I have the confidence to strive for more and the positive outlook to enjoy each day.

I first heard about Sue while listening to The Dr. Pat Show on the radio. I was impressed with her connection to the angels, and how she used that connection to offer advice to the callers on the show. When I learned that Sue lived in the area where I go several times a year to visit family, I knew I had to meet her in person. My mother and I each had a session with Sue, and both of us were profoundly changed by the experience.  

Before seeing Sue, my mother had lost connection with herself, having taken care of everyone else for the majority of her life. She was in a rut. Sue and the angels helped my mother realize her true purpose in this life, as well as her innate gifts. Sue demonstrated some angel remedies that my mother could use to release her energetic stagnation and move forward on her journey to explore her talents and to share them with the world.   

During my session, I asked Sue and the angels for direction in my career. Before answering that, Sue was guided to have me do an angel remedy to release past emotional trauma. Having had almost a decade to heal from divorce, I thought I had worked through my feelings, but there were several hurtful memories that were buried deep within me. Sue told me that those needed to be released before I could move forward, both in my relationships, and in my career. Sue gave me a variety of energetic tools to keep with me that I can use to work on blocks when I come across them. I have a renewed sense of empowerment, thanks to Sue and the angels!

I met Sue Storm, by phone, 13 years ago when I was going through a transition in my life. Sue gave me a combination of experienced advice and, of course, the guidance from the Angels. The decision I made based primarily on our conversations was one of the most important and successful of my life. Over the years Sue has taught me how to listen to the Angels through her. I continue to have a very successful life, and will reach out to Sue when I face a challenge, or to just confirm the Universe surrounds me with love and wisdom, and brought me to this lovely, compassionate, and spiritual Angel on earth!

Sue is a wonderful woman who I have been blessed to know as my counselor, friend, defender, protector, cheerleader, healer and 'fixer' over the course of 20 plus years. I have watched as Sue fulfilled these roles in the lives of many other individuals, in addition to working for the betterment of whole communities. I first came to know Sue through an article in the Sunday Chicago Tribune decades ago. The article spoke to her ability to help people navigate their way through difficult times. Since I was experiencing such a time, I reached out. In a nutshell, Sue helped me understand why I was in this situation, what obstacles I had to overcome, and how to work my way out. I would say without hesitation that in family, social, and work aspects of my life I am now happy and fulfilled. As for how Sue's work has benefitted others and communities, books could be written!