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Sue Storm, The Angel Lady: Endorsements


Making money has always been easy for me. I was a self-made millionaire in college. Real estate development has been my life’s work. Sue Storm has helped me make “right” decisions— which properties to buy, who to hire, when to hold on and when to sell. Sue’s angels know their business. Twice I decided not to follow their advice and did it my way. Both times the deal fell through. Sue has gained my trust as a credible source of information and I consider her guidance a good investment.

A. Charles


Dependable, solid business advice is hard to find. Fortunately, Sue Storm makes the grade. She is precise and accurate. Her vision for each client’s success encourages them to reach their full potential. Starting out as a financial planner, I set my goal high and used Sue Storm’s prosperity techniques. What a winning combination! Reaching my six-figure, first-year goal within six months was amazing. Sue’s guidance and encouragement made success a reality.

P. Michaels

I am Chairman of a telecommunications company which has sales in excess of $150 Million per year. I have found Sue Storm to be very insightful and helpful in many business and personal situations. She has remarkable knowledge and can determine the outcome of difficult situations. Many of the visions Sue has for her clients become reality shortly thereafter. She cares deeply about people and contributes to their lives in a meaningful manner. I have benefited greatly by following her input.

S. Bruce

I am the CEO of an advertising agency and rely on Sue Storm and her angels to guide me in decision making. From business deals, to employee new hires, to strategic direction, Sue has been very insightful and is helping grow our business. From a personal perspective she has provided amazing help for me, my wife, and children. She truly cares about my family, my business, and my well-being.

M. Drew